Let's talk about Family Mediation

Cooperation rather than litigation, that is what family mediation is about. Family mediation aims at restoring a positive communication when members of a family are involved in a conflictual relationship. It helps pacifying the situation. 

The family mediator, an independent and fully trained professional, facilitates the dialogue between the participants while ensuring the confidentiality of mediation. 

Mediation may help you keep more control of your family’s future. It is an opportunity to find practical solutions and arrangements, adjusted to the participants’ needs. Agreements reached during mediation may be given a legal binding force, if the participants ask the Family Judge to ratify them. 

Good faith and transparency are key values in family mediation. 

An introductory meeting will assess your situation and will provide you with relevant information regarding the mediation process, the cost of mediation, its advantages, and limits. It takes 45 minutes and is costless. 

Mediation sessions (joint session or individual session) last an hour and a half to two hours. Mediation sessions can be held by videoconference (Zoom, Skype), if need be. They can be conducted in French, English, Spanish, Italian or Arabic.